About Eugenie

Short Biography

Eugenie van Oirschot designs and makes hats which are architectural masterpieces, they are mathematical in their constructions and extremely clever in their design. She has developed a style of head wear that is unique; the cut of the fabric, the use of color and geometric themes gives each hat an interesting story.
Each individual piece can rightly called a work of Art.

Eugenie was born in The Netherlands and throughout her childhood watched her mother on the sewing machine constantly learning all the old techniques.
Following her formal education she studied fashion design and in 1993 she started her own fashion label: L'une par Eugenie. After a couple of years she discovered that the refined techniques that she had in mind, were not always suitable for clothing so she started to design hats and it was then that Eugenie discovered her real passion and fell in love with millinery.

A whole new world opened and because of the innovative design concepts and remarkable fabric developments her creations won several awards. Eugenie's hats have been exhibit all over Europe and are published in lots of magazines.

Her teaching career started when she was invited to work in a studio on the property of the Dutch textile museum where she organized workshops to share her skills. Eugenie has been invited several times by the International Millinery Forum and the Context Art Forum in Australia and she also taught twice at the Millinery-Meet-Up in America.
Nowadays she travels and teaches all over the world.

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